As we begin 2011, I wish you health, wealth, peace, discipline and other good things you wish yourself. During the festivities and holidays how guilty or innocent were we of eating well? We have an opportunity to correct the nutritional wrongs we committed during the holidays.

 Diet and lifestyle diseases are non-communicable and are chronic meaning once acquired; they can’t be treated but only managed. Some of these diseases include diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and various heart diseases. By adopting a healthy eating habit and lifestyle, many of these diseases may be prevented or delayed.

 I have 14 resolutions for the year 2011 which would definitely improve our health and prevent, delay or help manage diet and lifestyle-related diseases;


1. I resolve to make time to exercise at least 30 minutes each day and more on weekends.

2. I resolve to do at least one medical check-up and to investigate my blood sugar level, cholesterol level, kidney function test (BUE+CREAT)

3. I resolve to eat a fruit each and everyday

4. I resolve to eat more vegetables this year.

5. I resolve in terms of my protein intake to eat fish more often during the week.

6. I resolve to introduce more plant proteins such as beans, agushie and soy in place of animal proteins.

7. I resolve to make olive, soy, corn and sunflower oils the oils of choice in food preparation

8. I also resolve to use as little oil as possible in preparation of food.

9. I resolve not to eat my supper late.

10. I resolve to drink as little alcohol as possible during the year.

11. I also resolve to minimize the soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, toffee, ice cream I take in 2011.

12. I resolve to use as little salt in food preparation and to stop using ‘cubes’.

13. I resolve to drink at least 6 small bottles of water daily.

14. I resolve to manage my stress better.